What is a Pre-order?

A pre-order is a title which hasn’t yet been released by the Publisher. We state the publishing date on every webpage. Your order will be shipped just before or on the release date stated.

Do you charge for Pre-orders up front?

We offer many pre-order titles on the site and try to price these with a good up front discount. We currently charge for pre-orders in advance, often we source difficult to find titles so this process is helped along the way by knowing there is a firm order.

How do I change the delivery address for a Pre-Order?

Providing the Pre-order hasn’t already shipped, just drop us a line at here requesting the change along with the new delivery address. Please note that we are unable to amend delivery addresses from one EU country to another EU country for tax reasons.

Can I cancel a Pre-order?

We can cancel Pre-orders providing they haven’t already shipped. Please drop us an email through our web form here.

It’s now the release date but my order hasn’t been sent? What do I do?

We aim to display as much up to date information as possible on our website. However, there may be a rare occasion where the release date has been changed by the publisher at the last minute. Don’t panic! Just drop us a line or two here and we’ll get as much information as we can for you.

It hasn’t been released yet but the website states Item Unavailable. What does this mean?

We currently list the item as available as we have fulfilled our all pre-order stock levels and unable to accept any further orders. However, the item may be available again for pre-ordering again at some point before the release date.

What Pre-orders do you have for release soon?

You can browse pre-order titles from the coming soon page.